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Immigration Legal Experts

In the center of Central America, a small paradise awaits: Costa Rica, home to one of the best climates in the world, a great variety of flora and fauna, two coastlines and beautiful beaches – the perfect place to call your new home. Whether you’re here temporarily or permanently, living on the beach or in the mountains, Costa Rica offers many options to realize your dream and start a new life, family, company, business project, or dream retirement.

And here, we await you with open arms: NOMAD will accompany you through every step in the process, with the best immigration, legal, and comprehensive relocation services.

Our extensive experience in immigration processes and legal consultancy offer innovative solutions for our clients' and their companies, and have allowed us to acquire the skills and abilities to handle all legal and logistical aspects for their residency procedures.

At NOMAD, we are your ally in Costa Rica. It will be our pleasure to accompany you on your new adventure! #WelcometoCostaRica


Costa Rica is as unique as your needs
The decision to move abroad is already made. The greater challenge most people face is how to make the move legally – and how to figure out what is needed to achieve it. At NOMAD, we offer comprehensive consulting and support…
Our services are focused on offering our clients the best and most complete support for their transfer to Costa Rica. Our priority will be to resolve your immigration status; However, we can support you by coordinating your move, looking for…
We work hand in hand with TACTIC Legal Studio, a law firm specialized in corporate and commercial law and that offers its services to both national and international clients. Recognized as a Costa Rican boutique firm, they break the pattern…

Our team

Immigration Legal Experts

During all processes, our team is vigilant of your procedures so that they are approved as soon as possible and in full compliance with local regulations.

“My wife and I are Costa Rican citizens and live abroad. Our daughter, however, was born outside of Costa Rica, and for this reason we had the need to obtain her Costa Rican passport, with the services and support from NOMAD. Our experience was fabulous, not because we were able to carry out the procedures remotely, but also because the firm’s service was efficient, of excellent quality, and with extremely friendly staff. 100% recommended.”

Arturo Villalobos

“NOMAD, and specifically, attorney Margarita Sandi, have supported me throughout the process to obtain my permanent residence in Costa Rica. The attention from Margarita and the entire team has always been excellent, and were always keeping me informed of the necessary steps and requirements. Thanks to their support, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Many thanks to Margarita!”

Yabanex Batista

“As we planned to migrate to CR we asked family members, who are lawyers in CR, who would be a good immigration lawyer we could turn to and trust with our residency and all immigration matters. Margarita was the lawyer named at NOMAD.

Ultimately the process is still ongoing. Having migrated into the Covid situation this did not help the migration predicament, so although Margarita (and by default Nomad) have been working on our behalf their progress is hindered by the realities of the system and the virus. However, we are very hopeful of a positive conclusion as soon as is possible, given the present circumstances.

For me the fact that Margarita has a very good level of English was a godsend. Dealing with such red tape and bureaucracy is difficult enough in your own language, but to do so in a foreign language with a different system altogether. Margarita has been able to interpret for me when necessary and also explain the protocols and structures here in CR.”

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